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We Take Away Your Stress 

The Porter Pros offers concierge services for auto dealerships, valet services, and any other of your staffing needs. Hiring qualified and reliable employees can be stressful and time consuming and costly. Let us take on the stressful job for your company. 


Hiring Process

Our extensive hiring process ensures professional drivers with experience and a clean driving record. 

Step One

Step One

Initial Screening

  • Intense Application Review

  • HR team deems candidate a fit 

  • Contacts candidate with initial screening questions

Step Two

Step Two

In Person Interview

  • Checks for professionalism

  • Look high customer service skills

  • Behavioral questions

Step Three

Step Three

Background Check

Once we decide to move forward with a candidate we look for:​

  • Driver Record Check

  • Driver License Check

  • Felonies

  • DUI's in the past 5 years

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